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Let Whitt's Image Works rescue those slides that have been in storage for decades! Slide projectors are no longer manufactured. Even if you still have one, replacement bulbs can be expensive.

Instead, have your slides put on modern media! Your slides are scanned at high resolution, and basic auto color correction is included. Background music can be added to make your video montage a special keepsake.

This is essentially the same thing as a video montage made from photos-the main difference being scanning slides is a more time consuming process, thus a little more expensive.

A video montage made from your slides will bring your family lots of enjoyment!

Note: Like video montages made from photos, your digitized slides will play on your DVD player or your computer's DVD drive.


Slides Archived as JPEG Files


If you prefer, your slides can be stored as high resolution JPEG images on disc or USB drive.

Note: These are static images you can access on your computer.

Whitt's Image Works has been restoring and preserving treasured memories since 2000!